Minraud is:


Alessandro Rubino - Vocals
Michele Di Lauro - Guitars & Background vocals
Enrico Brazzi - Bass
Michele Panepinto - Drums


What is Minraud?
According to its first explorers, Minraud is a planet populated by "insect people wrapped with heavy metal music", hence it is surprisingly similar to and, at the same time, deeply different from planet Earth.

Furthermore, Minraud is a progressive metal band based in Bologna, Italy, whose sound mixes elements coming from the italian tradition of prog rock whit more metal and hard'n heavy tendencies, sudden ethnical colors and oniric atmospheres.

Minraud has freshly released its debut full-length "Vox Populi", a concept album freely inspired from the graphic novel V for Vendetta. Words and themes coming from the visionary genius of Alan Moore serve as mere excuse and stand as a background to a scenario in which the listener is lead to consider his role in society and the cages (both self- and ethero-built) he lives in, in a journey towards freedom of choice and autodetermination, to discover what really lies under the masks he is surrounded from.

  "Vox Populi"┬áis available from all the digital stores and platforms...grab a copy now! bottone-playbottone-amazonbottone-spotify
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